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On Friday March 23, Grade 8A raced their CO2 Dragsters in the cafeteria at St.Joseph’s High School. Mr.Mulvihill’s grade 8 class has being participating in the tech explore block for the last 6 weeks. They have been creating CO2 drag cars from scratch throughout these weeks.


There was many steps in creating these cars. First, students had to design what they wanted on paper, next they were given a block of wood and had to drill holes with the drill press. Next, they ad to draw the side and front views on the block of wood, carve it out and sand it down for a few days. After it is totally sanded out and completely smooth, you can paint your car. The next step is to create the stickers you want to appear on your car, then you print them and stick them on your car. Finally, you add the wheels and your car is finished.


“Our favourite parts about creating these cars were decorating and racing.” said two students Peyton Gray and Ryan Kelusky.


They did a practice run on Thursday March 22, to test out their cars and prepare for the real race the next day. The cafeteria was full of excitement on Friday. Mrs.Dickerson took the win out of all the grade 8’s, grade 8 teachers and Mr.Trainor. Ryan Kelusky took second place after having to tape his car back together because it didn’t make the practice race.


Tech teacher Mr.Charkavi wanted to do this project with the students because they really get a chance to explore what the tech course is like and it is a fun activity to learn and experience.


New students are entering the tech explore block and are excited to get started.