IMG_7314With a new school year beginning you can expect to see many new students walking through the front doors of St. Joseph’s High School, the majority of those students being in grade 8. On September 5, 2017, 83 new students started their high school journey. Thrilled about a fresh start, these students couldn’t wait to see what was in store for them.

These Jags, unlike many other students in similar circumstances, were not nervous to begin high school. Thanks to the annual barbecue orientation, students knew who their teachers were, where their lockers were located and what classrooms they were in beforehand. Students felt far more prepared for the first day.

With approximately 600 students enrolled in St. Joseph’s, plenty of grade 8 students felt this was the place to be. Appreciating all the programs offered by St. Joseph’s; such as Jag Media, the Hockey Skills Academy, Student Council and Art Club, students are able to discover where they fit in.

“I was more excited rather than nervous to start high school,” said Destiny Lewis. “If we wouldn’t have had the barbecue, I would have been completely lost.”  

These Jags have different opinions on high school but can all agree they are enjoying the freedom it brings. They enjoy being allowed to utilize the lengthy lunch period for whatever they would like as well as use their technology when needed. Many of the grade 8 students are very thankful for the cafeteria. They adore the fact that they are able to purchase their own tasty food and have a place to hangout with their friends at lunch instead of having to sit in their designated classrooms.

A handful of students are taking advantage of the extra curricular activities St. Joseph’s offers, many of these activities in which they did not have in elementary school. These activities do not conflict with their school work though, because these Jags know how to prioritize. Making sure homework comes first, they are well aware that school is very important.  

St. Joseph’s recently held their first Spirit Week of the year, something new to these grade 8 students. These Jags participated in most of the dress up days and had a blast competing in the activities on Friday. They definitely had spirit!

“I enjoyed the spirit week very much. I participated in all the dress up days, I found them very creative. My favorite part of spirit week was Friday because I was exempted out of class and was able to spend the day with my friends, playing games.” said Lily Brown, a grade 8 student in Ms. LaPlante’s class.

Being in a high school has allowed these students to prepare for what grade 9 will be like. It has calmed a few of their nerves because they are aware of where everything is located and know the teachers surrounding them.

Watch out for upcoming news on their flag football tournament happening next week at Ma-Te-Way.